Our Mission: 
The Mountain Harvest Foundation, in partnership with the Vail Valley Salvation Army, aims to foster healthy food access in Eagle County and the surrounding region. We grow community and confidence when we support sustainable food practice through education, outreach, and partnership.

Our Vision:

Sustainable growth... The Mountain Harvest Foundation creates an environment of support and understanding within the community around issues of healthy food access. We network across sectors to involve and engage all demographics as we work together to build sustainable local food systems. We integrate culturally appropriate strategies, honor our wealth of local agriculture, and listen to the needs of local businesses and community leaders.

Our Partnership: 
The Mountain Harvest Foundation is engaging non-profits, local government, community outreach organizations, local businesses, farmers and ranchers within the region, religious organizations, CMC, CSU ext., and the Eagle County School District. We seek to partner with all organizations, understanding the common goal of creating a sustainable local food system doesn't happen without teamwork. Community first!

Our Goals in 2014: 
To create a network of leadership that encompasses all the community gardens in Eagle County.
This will enable us to: avoid overlap, increase community involvement and support, and offer many great educational opportunities. A workshop series is underway!

    • Bring the Produce for Pantries program to local food growers in an effective and meaningful way.
    • Build and maintain a community garden and greenhouse in the fox hollow neighborhood in Edwards. This will enable us to: grow healthy food for families in need, the school district, the food banks, and the senior centers. These facilities will also serve as food growth & nutrition learning centers and community gathering spaces. Grow food- Grow community.
    • Support local food production in effective and meaningful ways.

Our Ask: 
We need you! This is your community! Get involved! We welcome everyone and are always open to new ideas. This year brings many exciting opportunities to become a Mountain Harvester.

  • Help build the Fox Hollow Community Garden and Greenhouse
      • Assist at local community garden workshops
          • Join the Pantries Harvest Team
              • Help local farmers & learn more about food production
                  • Sit on our steering committee & take a powerful leadership role in supporting local food systems

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